What is the general safety rule of nitrocellulose?

1.Fire is absolutely forbidden around the site of storing or disposing the nitrocellulose.

2.The container when loaded with nitrocellulose has to be tightly sealed.

3.The container when loaded with nitrocellulose should be avoided from exposing under the sun.

4.Always pay attention to the temperature of the nitrocellulose storing site,when the temperature goes up then the air should be more ventilated or using water spraying to keep the temperature cool down.

5.When the container is loaded with nitrocellulose, any such action like dragging, pulling, heavy striking, heavy falling on the ground might cause instant explosion.

6.During operation nitrocellulose might scattered around the work site which should be collected by placing into the water of a container then duly covered, and these nitrocellulose should be treated as waste.

7.Burning away the waste nitrocellulose has to be at certain fixed safe place or return the waste nitrocellulose to the manufacture.